Farewell to East Greenland

Farewell to East Greenland

Aurora’s East Greenland season is coming to an end this week. When temperature plummets and autumn rain and wind arrives, we will also start the homebound journey back to Iceland.

We picked up seasons last group of guests on Sunday and visited briefly in a great private museum in Kulusuk. We also stopped in Tasiilaq for sightseeing and a quick walk up to Sailors Hill. This was also the last opportunity to stock up anything before crossing over to Iceland, so I bought crisps (comfort snack), salty liquorice (moral boost) and baby wipes (cleanliness in case it gets rough) for the journey.

Once again Aurora is holed up few nights in Nordfjord, where we are sheltering from strong NE winds. When the worst is over, we will start heading towards north. We will stop in Ikateq Sound for a brief visit to an abandoned US airbase “Bluie 2”, which is full of old junk from WWII operations. We’ll probably stay a night or two somewhere around Storø until jumping into a weather window to Iceland. Follow our journey from the map on Aurora’s homepage: www.aurora-arktika.com.

Even though it is sad to leave Greenland, I am already looking forward to spending some time at home with creature comforts. A hot bath, washing machine and a room with a door are few things that I’ve missed onboard different boats this summer.

It is time to bid farewell to Greenland and head back home. Hopefully I shall return again next spring – it is absolutely wonderful out here.

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Riikka Puustinen is a freelance sailor with digital media education and long international career in UX design and project management. Fond of sun, snow, sled dogs, icebergs, mountains and creative thinking. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in the UK.