Sailors Hill excursion

Sailors Hill excursion

The next group of guests will arrive onboard Aurora on Saturday, and so we have still few days time to explore Tasiilaq area. The surroundings offer great little day walks and scrambles to various hills nearby. Many of them start from the Flower Valley (Blomsterdalen), like our day scramble to Sømansfjeldet / Qaqqartivakajik yesterday with Teresa and Johanne, a Greenlandic friend visiting in town.

Sømansfjeldet lies in the south west entrance to Tasiilaq fjord, and from the hilltop you can see the ocean and many lakes of the Angmagssalik island. You can also see Tasiilaq town and the harbour, where many small motor boats are moored up behind Johann Kristina, a cargo ship visiting the town few times a week. Aurora with her mast was also unmistakable in the landscape, she is the only sail yacht here at the moment.

The round trip to this 679m high hill took 4 hours, but it could take more or less, depending on which route you take. The walk itself was not very strenuous, just annoying in places, where we had to cross long sections of loose stone and sand. This is probably the reason why the hiking map shows a recommended route from Tasiilaq to hilltop, to avoid the worst loose rock sections. We off-roaded the way uphill, and attempted to follow the recommended path downhill, until the trail disappeared in rubble and so in the end we just went downhill where it was fastest and safest.

Another mission completed. Tomorrow morning I will visit the local laundrette and have The Great Wash Day while the sun still shines. The weather forecast predicts strong north easterlies and rain for Thursday and Friday, which means that we will move Aurora to sheltered anchorage sometime later tomorrow.

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