The book is out now!

The book is out now!

  • 15 October, 2012
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My new book “The Great Escape: from Office to Oceans” is finally ready. It took two months and countless hours of working like a (computer-literate, upright and opposable-thumbed) dog in-between courses and other gigs. This book brings closure to my Clipper Race 11-12 campaign, which started in August 2008 and has now ended four years later.

The Great Escape consists of blog posts and photographs narrating the journey onboard Visit Finland, a Finnish entry in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 11-12. The blog posts were originally published on during the race.

The book is memorabilia for the Visit Finland team, their families and friends, and therefore unavailable for public distribution.

Attached are a few photos of the finished book for your gazing pleasure. Now it’s time to move onwards and upwards to new adventures!

About Riikka

Riikka Puustinen is a freelance sailor with digital media education and long international career in UX design and project management. Fond of sun, snow, sled dogs, icebergs, mountains and creative thinking. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in the UK.


  1. Sherlyn

    Riikka, your book is gorgeous! I really want to make one for my crew too, especially after seeing yours and James’ from Qingdao. But I’m concerned that I don’t have enough good high-res photos. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I’m glad that you’re pursuing your love of sailing – life back on land feels very mundane for me.

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